Bravo Danielle Olivera and Carl Radke.

Danielle Olivera gave an update on her relationship with Carl Radke.

The Summer House co-stars were once close friends, but after Radke’s decision to end his engagement to Lindsay Hubbard, their dynamic has changed. Radke and Hubbard originally planned to get married in Mexico on November 17, 2023, but Radke called things off in August. A source told Us Weekly that Hubbard was also “100 percent blindsided by the engagement cancellation.”

Olivera, Hubbard and Radke used to be “the three friends”. After Hubbard and Radke confirmed they were dating in early 2022, Olivera was vocal about how she felt their romantic relationship was moving too quickly. But even she was surprised when Radke ended things with Hubbard.

Three months later, Olivera opened up about what it was like seeing Radke for the first time after the breakup and how she feels about him now.

Danielle Olivera said it was uncomfortable to see Carl Radke at BravoCon

BravoBravoCon Live with Andy Cohen! Charming house rules board.

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In November 2023, Bravo stars gathered for the BravoCon fan convention in Las Vegas. Radke, Hubbard and Olivera were all present at the Charming House Rules panel. After some awkward banter between Radke and Hubbard, host Andy Cohen asked Olivera what her relationship with Radke was like today. “I said ‘hi’ to him earlier,” she revealed.

Olivera explained the November 14, 2023 episode of Watch What Happens Live.

After Cohen asked her, “Where are you with Carl today?” Olivera replied, “I’m not getting along well [with him].”

Cohen then asked Olivera if she had a one-on-one chat with Radke at BravoCon, and surprisingly, she did. “I did it, like, ‘Watch What Happens Live,'” she said, adding, “It was extremely uncomfortable.”

Olivera also confirmed that she was “100 percent” surprised by the split, despite her previous reservations about how quickly Hubbard and Radke’s relationship moved toward marriage.

Of her once strained friendship with Hubbard, she told Cohen that they had struck up a new friendship over the summer. “I think we set a lot of good boundaries at the beginning of the summer and they’re going to come true,” she shared. “We’ve kind of made a new friendship and it’s really, really good.”

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Danielle Olivera said she was “Team Lindsay”

Bravo Danielle Olivera and Lindsay Hubbard.

Olivera previously admitted that she felt left out when Hubbard started dating Radke. “I didn’t even see it coming. We were the three friends, so it was a big change in my life because now I’m like the third wheel,” she told E! News in February 2023.

Still, she easily chose sides when the couple separated. In October 2023, Olivera told Us Weekly that she was no longer speaking to Radke. “People ask, ‘Are you talking to Carl?’ I say, “No, absolutely not.” There’s a line in the sand. I’m on Team Lindsay,” she said.

At the time, Olivera said she had no intention of speaking to Radke again, although she noted, “BravoCon should be interesting.”

The “Summer House” star also made it clear that she doesn’t feel vindicated after Radke and Hubbard’s relationship ended. “It’s not an ‘I was right’ [situation]” she told Us Weekly. “No, I didn’t want that at all.”

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