Getty After the Dallas Cowboys defeated the New York Giants again, the NFL community took their chance.

While the entire NFL world watched in Week 10, the New York Giants outpaced the Dallas Cowboys, falling 49-17 to their longtime division rivals.

Big Blue, as expected, offered criticism on social media after the game, but one of the most popular insults came from Stephen A. Smith.

The @NFL should be ashamed of themselves for keeping the @Giants off national television! This team is simply a disaster. They ARE the swamp in East Rutherford, New Jersey. They don’t even seem qualified to be an NFL team.#GoodLord

— Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) November 12, 2023

“The @NFL should be ashamed of themselves for keeping the @Giants off national television!” The veteran ESPN host appealed against X. “This team is just a disaster. They ARE the swamp in East Rutherford, New Jersey. They don’t even seem qualified to be an NFL team. #GoodLord.”

Smith’s post has already received over 5,000 likes within five hours.

Giants HC Brian Daboll needs to keep this team respectable in the final half of the 2023 season

Few expected the Giants to win this game in Week 10, but no one wants to see their team embarrassed. Smith’s contribution is the epitome of embarrassment for this proud Dallas organization, and that is the unacceptable part of this loss.

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NYG head coach Brian Daboll has had a miserable second year after a great first year. His job doesn’t appear to be in danger right now, but he and the coaching staff need to prevent this team from completely collapsing in the future.

Although Daboll maintained his composure after the loss, he didn’t have too many answers for the fans.

“Not the results we wanted,” he said at the start of his post-match press conference. “I thought we struggled in the second half but obviously there is a lot to do and a lot to improve. So you have to give Dallas credit, they played a hell of a game.”

When Daboll was later asked if the bankruptcy was demoralizing, he replied, “Any loss is demoralizing.”

He also didn’t have much to say about the 640 yards of total offense the Giants’ defense allowed. “They did a better job than we did,” Daboll replied.

The Giants HC has put in a spirited performance all year long – which is somewhat commendable considering the adversity this team has faced week in and week out. However, in a city like New York, speaking from coaches is only tolerated for a limited time.

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At some point fans need answers. And it’s Daboll’s job to start finding some.

Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito on the Cowboys’ result: “Something has to change, we just have to get better”

Giants quarterback Tommy DeVito finished with just 86 passing yards in his first NFL start. While that final stat line included two touchdowns and 41 yards rushing, it paled in comparison to Dak Prescott and the competition.

“It’s tough,” the undrafted rookie said after the game. “You put a lot into the week, a lot into preparation – practices, meetings, time with your teammates. Of course that’s not the result we want, but something has to change, we just have to get better.”

To his credit, DeVito wasn’t looking for pity.

“I won’t feel sorry for myself,” he told the media. “You’re put in any situation, your job is to get out of it.” DeVito concluded that the offense “needs to get more first downs.”

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That’s an easy way to look at it. Dallas finished the game with 32 first downs and converted six of 12 third downs and one of two fourth downs. The Giants, however, produced just 16 first downs and went 0-for-12 on third downs despite converting two out of three quarters.

In a sport like football, small mistakes add up. If DeVito and the Giants’ offense can clean up the little things in Week 11, they may be able to put together a better performance against the Washington Commanders.

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