Despite competition from third-party charging companies, the Tesla Supercharger is still the fastest way to charge a Tesla. Soon, Tesla will not be the only one to benefit from all Supercharges without the need for an adapter, since the market trend is that EVs will adopt the standard NACS plug, which was recently developed. Many big name manufacturers, such as Jaguar, have adopted the plug-in charger. Depending on the location, companies like Electrify America will provide cable solutions.

Many customers already love the Tesla Supercharger, not only because of its speed and compatibility but also because of its convenience. BP knows this because it has written that the Superchargers it will install will have a Plug and Charge protocol for efficiency and safety. The oil giant also said it will meet the requirements Tesla issued that allows new chargers to be displayed on the Tesla car’s UI to help users find stations.

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In its press release, BP also explained that it will not reduce its plans to expand the EV network, which has already increased the network by 150% since 2019. The additions to the network will be made “in the most important places, such as airports. , major cities, and bp’s assets are used work along the Alternative Fueling Corridors,” according to Richard Bartlett, global CEO of BP Pulse. Sujay Sharma, CEO of BP Pulse Americas, added, “We remain open and committed to expanding our partnership with the EV industry leaders to the next level.”

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