At that time, the Tribeca did not impress the audience. Subaru himself described the styling as “polarizing.” And Edmunds called it “unbelievable.” Reviews weren’t good for the Tribeca, with its quiet interior and very smooth ride. The 256-horsepower 3.6-liter flat-six engine was adequate, but it wasn’t a fuel guzzler or a speed demon by any means. It was exactly “good.” Looks aside, the Tribeca wasn’t a bad car by any means. It was not very good compared to other models at the time.

Subaru dropped the Tribeca in 2014 after several updates. Often, unwilling to admit defeat, automakers quietly pull the plug on cars, without making a real announcement of commitment. Subaru, however, celebrating its 50th anniversary as an automaker in America, had the point that the Tribeca was not the best it had to offer, saying: “The model was found to be too small in the US” “the model did not achieve the planned sales and was dropped in 2014 is the announcement of a new, large 3-row model in action.” The three lines became the Subaru Ascent, a large SUV that was supposed to take over the American market.

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As for the cool numbers, Subaru played the right hand in beating the Tribeca. In all of 2013, Subaru sold just 1,598 Tribecas. In comparison, the brand sold 123,592 Foresters in the same period.

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