“Our years of AI development, including the most powerful combination of CPU, NPU and GPU available on devices, as well as our support for all the leading models that run seamlessly, means we can bring the benefits of AI to users around the world and across multiple platforms. weapons,” Ammon continued to spread the word. “The support of our partners at the Snapdragon Summit is a testament to our position as a leader in AI in devices.”

Elsewhere in its document, Qualcomm argued the various benefits of moving AI software to use in devices, with the main focus being on privacy and security and how it also allows AI features that can be customized. Other reasons given include power consumption, speed (“Who wants to wait for an AI program to do its job?”), and cost. Qualcomm says the new chips support “a wide range” of existing AI models, including “multiple models” from Microsoft, Meta’s Llama 2, Stability.ai’s ControlNet and the aforementioned Stable Diffusion, Zhipu AI’s ChatGLM2, and OpenAI’s Whisper .

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