It is worth noting that, even if you are not a member of Costco, you can still buy products from Costco by shopping online. However, all purchases made by non-members at Costco’s online store come with an additional 5%. Therein lies the game: the more you spend on a TV at Costco, the more valuable a membership is to your shopping spree.

As a reminder, Costco offers two membership levels, one for $60 a year and one for $120. A basic membership removes more money and gets you into the store, while a premium membership can get you more discounts.

If the TV you want has some kind of ad, that makes the top part look great, but for the sake of simplicity, let’s assume there are no other ads running. In this case, a Costco TV membership is worth it if the TV you’re buying costs at least $1,200. 5% of 1,200 is 60, after that, you can just pay $60 and get the membership instead of paying extra and getting nothing.

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If you’re interested in a cheaper set, you may want to shop around first before paying extra or getting a membership. Just remember that Costco has some items that are not available at other retailers, so you may not have a choice.

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