One of the main focuses of Samsung’s Auto Blocker is the ability to block the download of malicious software on Samsung devices. For advanced users who choose to opt out of apps, the experience doesn’t change on devices running One UI 6 because the Auto Blocker feature is turned off by default.

Auto Blocker can be especially useful in technical problems, where unsuspecting users are tricked into installing malicious software from unverified sources. The tool also allows users to protect themselves from phishing attacks by blocking malicious commands sent to their device via USB cable. This can be especially useful for users not familiar with the dangers of public USB sockets.

In addition to the new Auto Blocker tool, the One UI 6 update includes improvements to Message Guard, which was announced a few months ago. Message Guard was originally designed to reduce threats caused by text messages. It is now expanding its security to prevent zero-thru attacks on popular apps like Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and WhatsApp.

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