Tiger 3 Box Office Collection (Expectations): Salman Khan To Break Jawan’s 640 Crore & Try To Break These 5 Biggest Records ( Film Credit – Facebook )

A few days ago, Salman Khan, while talking to the media, said, “World Cup kebaad aap sab waapas theater mein,” referring to Tiger 3’s box office success on Sunday. The film had a terrible collection on Sunday, November 19, which became the lowest grossing day for a Spy Universe film. Hopefully, it will resume its run at the box office once the World Cup is over.

Tiger threequel is here 230.75 million in 8 days, and the film stood at number three on the Spy Universe charts 7 days after Pathaan and War. Apart from these 8 days, when the film was supposed to perform like a monster at the box office, there are almost 10 days left for the Sultan starrer to perform.

Apart from today, for example, the collection of the 9th day, which will be low after the defeat of the World Cup and people are still low on their movements, Tiger 3 has a window of 10 days to get as much at the box office as possible before Ranbir. Kapoor is bringing out his ‘wild’ side with Animal at the Box Office.

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A meaty December release, meanwhile, Salman Khan’s Tiger 3 has been put on the countdown, with just one week left on the clock and no special holidays in between. Calculating the urgency of the situation, through the Jawan’s 640 million collection at this time seems like too much weight on Tiger 3’s weak shoulders.

However, there is hope for Salman Khan to redeem himself and reclaim his position in the record books and cement his place in the list. As Tiger 3 gears up for the 3rd festival season and the post-festival season at the Box Office, there are five films that Salman Khan would like, even if the chances of him nailing them are very slim.

Let’s take a look at the records that Salman Khan will look for and if there is any chance of breaking them.

1. Spy Universe movie grosser – 543.22 Crore

Currently, Tiger 3 stands at approx 230 millionand when the next target of the film is obviously that 250 million Mark, is expected to target Pathaan 543 million becoming the biggest Spy Universe movie in a while. However, is there a chance? For now, it’s No!

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2. Tiger Franchise’s biggest movie – 339.16 Crore

While the Tiger 3 will now increase the speed to 250 million Mark, the next obvious record that should be pursued strongly is being the biggest film in the Tiger Franchise. The record is held by Tiger Zinda Hai’s 339.16 million. Is it possible that Salman Khan can beat it? Yes bright!

3. Highest grossing films of his career – 339.16 Crore

Although Tiger Zinda Hai is the highest-grossing film of the Tiger franchise, it is also Salman Khan’s highest-grossing film of his entire career. Then Tiger 3 will pass 340 million Mark, Bhaijaan will also have a new blockbuster movie.

4. 1000 Crore Global Grosser!

This year, Shah Rukh Khan’s Pathaan and Jawan have achieved more than that 1000 million around the world, and while it is expected that Salman Khan will be the third to enter this club this year, does he still have a chance? Yes, this movie is still available 397 million around the world, so the chances of hitting this mark seem very low!

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5. 500 Crore Grosser – 4th In 2023?

The year 2023 has given a total of 500+, and the Jawan. 640.42 millionPathan 543.22 millionand Gadar 2 525.50 million. It is expected to be a box office collection 500+ million, Tiger 3 will be the fourth film to release this year. Is this really possible? Well, to be honest, looking at the statistics, Possible? Yes. Bright? No!

For the uninitiated, Tiger 3, directed by Maneesh Sharma, has currently collected 376 crore worldwide and 230.75 million to India in 8 days.

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