Not everyone needs an e-scooter, just as not everyone can make an EV work for their needs. It’s hard not to fall for the Motocompacto, even if you didn’t grow up playing “Transformers.” Honda’s aggressive pricing also helps: $995 doesn’t make it an impulse buy, but it makes it very competitive with other e-scooters and e-bikes.

Some of its competitors are faster, or have more models, but none of them have the challenge that the Motocompacto offers. Before you dismiss this as useless decoration, it’s good to remember that promoting any kind of change – like getting drivers out of their cars, SUVs, and trucks, and making things like public transportation more attractive by joining the dots in a connected way – is a lot. mental disorder as practical.

Most notable, perhaps, is how surprising it is that Honda will sell the Motocompacto at all. The automotive history books don’t skimp on the concept of “electric vehicles” that are driven once or twice at a car show, driven away, and then quietly shelved while automakers focus on their next SUV or truck.

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Although the Motocompacto may not start to redefine green travel, the fact that it is the real thing – not just lip service to make it stand out – makes it easier to have fun.

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