Getty Las Vegas Raiders RB Josh Jacobs.

According to a November 11th imposed. The fine related to the reduction in contact.

Jacobs responded to a clip of the game that resulted in him being fined and called on the NFL to impose the “bs” fine.

Pelissero noted that the NFL cracks down on players who lower their heads before contact, but the clip he posted does not appear to show Jacobs lowering his head. It certainly lowers it a little, but nothing unusual.

Based on the running back’s reaction, it seems possible that he could appeal as best he can, but it remains to be seen whether he will have any luck.

Las Vegas Raiders have more energy

Prior to the Week 9 game against the Giants, the Raiders’ offense had not scored 20 or more points in a game. The offense was one of the worst in the NFL and seemed lifeless. That changed after the firing of head coach Josh McDaniels, who was also the offensive lineman.

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Quarterbacks coach Bo Hardegree took on the role of offensive coordinator and playcaller and led the offense to 30 points in his debut. Josh Jacobs credited their aggressive approach to offense as a reason they had more success.

“We don’t hesitate, play conservatively and wonder what could happen,” Jacobs said during his postgame media release on Nov. 5. “We’re emptying the chamber now, and it’s fun when you play like that. It shows trust in the players.”

Since McDaniels’ firing, the team has rallied behind interim coach Antonio Pierce. Since Pierce took over, Jacobs has noticed a big change in energy on the team.

“The vibe, the energy, it’s just electric right now,” Jacobs said. “I feel like we are most connected as a unit.”

Josh Jacobs is implicated in the crime

Josh Jacob has had a difficult season after leading the NFL in rushing a year ago. Entering Week 9, he had not rushed for more than 69 yards in a game. Against the Giants, he turned things around and rushed for 98 yards and two touchdowns.

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Antonio Pierce praised Jacobs after the game.

“We saw that heartbeat today,” Pierce said during his Nov. 5 press conference. “Josh is running furiously and has returned to the running style we saw last season.”

One of the reasons Jacobs had a breakout game was because Bo Hardegree allowed him to be closely involved in the offense.

“They allowed me to get more involved in the running game this week,” Jacobs said. “I just called a lot of runs that I liked, runs that I thought worked well in training throughout the week.

“And Bo called her at the right time. It was a collective effort.”

Jacobs is in his fifth year, so he knows what he likes as a runner. Since Hardegree was new as a playcaller, it was smart to incorporate the running back into the game plan. The more comfortable the offensive coordinator becomes in his role, the more Jacobs can focus on just being a running back.

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