At night, this camera still goes on, but with a few caveats. Better and better photos are possible, as long as you take the time to tell your phone what to look for before taking the photo. In short, if you whip the camera and shoot the frame, you can have a slightly exposed shot with a soft focus. It will still be usable, but it won’t be as sharp. Click on your subject, however, and everything snaps into focus and the frame is lowered for a crisp, clear shot. Below is a before (left) and after (right) comparison version.

Adam Doud/SlashGear

Moving is still difficult, as the light-loving OnePlus Open tends to get a little blocked, making things a bit awkward. But otherwise, as long as you take your time, you can shoot very well: Just tell your friends to be quiet and smile. The amazing thing is that all of this is true regardless of the lens you choose to use. Even shooting up to 6x optical can be tough. It’s really amazing.

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Adam Doud/SlashGear

The video, on the other hand, is terrible when you’re walking, but it tightens up when you’re standing still. There’s a lot of grain in dark areas, but beyond that, keep quiet with the pan, and you’ll be able to collect some footage, and that’s probably the most impressive part of the whole camera.

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