Ryobi’s Cordless Pet Stick Vac is a vacuum cleaner designed with pet owners in mind. With its brushless motor and cyclonic filtration that can absorb up to 75 IOW, this vacuum can capture up to 99.9% of dust, debris, and pet hair.

When it comes to pet hair in particular, the Stick Vac also features an LED light on the roller bar to help illuminate and monitor loose hair while patrolling the living room. Once you’ve scooped up all the shed fur, the Stick Vac’s dust cap and rollers pop out and out, so you can quickly empty it and clean it again next time.

Is your pet messy and messy, leaving fur deposits on the steps, shelves, and behind your various tools? The Stick Vac does just that: just remove the extra cord, and you’ve got a smart handheld vacuum, perfect for tackling tight crannies.

The Stick Vac is also part of Ryobi’s ONE+ line, which means you can use the same 18V battery packs that work in other Ryobi products. If your pets have been roaming around the house and your battery runs out, just pop in a new one, and you’re back to cleaning.

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The Ryobi Pet Stick Vac is available at Ryobi’s digital store and at major hardware retailers like Home Depot.

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