Regarding electric cars, “we don’t know that the time is right, today,” said Pierre Loing, Vice President of Product Planning, at the Japan Mobility Show 2023, where Nissan participated in SlashGear. . This is not limited to the range of colors, especially in drag. After all, the ability to tow cargo – such as boats and trailers – is very important to truck owners, yet doing so can halve an EV’s battery capacity.

Instead of insisting and compromising today, Nissan’s strategy could be two-fold as it combines two electric powertrains. On the one hand, there is Nissan e-POWER, the company’s trademark for its electric hybrids. There, the gas engine acts as a generator, paired with a battery pack – smaller than you’d find in an electric model – to drive the electric motors.

Nissan e-POWER has been popular in select markets where it has already been introduced, the automaker says, especially where customers aren’t ready to make the jump to all-electric. As for the US, that’s still being decided, Ivan Espinosa, Vice President of Global Product Strategy and Product Planning, says, and Nissan hasn’t decided when it will launch – or what model.

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