Like the defense capabilities of military aircraft, naval warfare also includes some of its own capabilities. Regardless of the environment, military aircraft and naval vessels require reduced detection from radar and infrared systems. For this reason, one of the main differences that the Stiletto M80 has from traditional yachts is its catamaran hull design.

Although it is almost impossible to detect on radar, its design has a low profile that helps reduce its radar field, making it difficult to track. Additionally, the Stiletto M80’s world-class technology, the M-hull, utilizes bow wave energy to generate air, which acts as an amazing superstructure for high-speed submarines, per

However, due to its unique shape, there are unique challenges in the water that the M80 Stiletto faces. For example, naval vessels must consider the use of sonar in their navigation. To this end, the M80 Stiletto is designed with integrated materials that not only disperse radar waves effectively but also reduce overall noise and vibration. With this, it can evade enemy submarines that may be lurking beneath it. In fact, the M80 Stiletto is also the US government’s largest carbon fiber vehicle, which contributes to its lightness and stiffness.

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[Featured image by Petty Officer 2nd Class Nathaniel Moger/U.S. Navy via Defense Visual Information Distribution Service | Cropped and scaled | Public domain]

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