Motorola isn’t the first brand to try hybrid concepts with wearables. In 2016, Motorola’s parent company, Lenovo, introduced a phone called the Cplus that featured a ribbed back and curved design that wrapped around the wrist like a smartwatch. It was surprisingly tall, but unfortunately, it was an idea that never saw the light of day as a commercial device.

Next in line was the Nubia Alpha, a retro-futuristic looking device that was a smartphone at heart but looked like a handbag with a flexible bezel. It went on sale in 2019, but poor software, unreliable tracking, and an asking price of $449 killed the entire idea for the first generation itself.

Motorola’s press release mentions Android, which is a small hope that turning the idea into reality won’t take much effort in software optimization. What we need is a clean, always-on display that provides the user with the right view when the device is placed on the wrist. Fingers crossed!

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