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Viewers of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City season 4 were shocked to see the fights between Monica Garcia and her mother in the 7th and 8th episodes of the series.

The relationship between Garcia and her mother Linda appeared to be very strained at best. After episode 7, Garcia’s mother tweeted some criticisms of her daughter and the show’s portrayal of their relationship.

The RHOSLC newbie revealed in an interview with People during BravoCon that she no longer speaks to her mother. “You know, she makes it easier because she goes online and has a lot of unkind things to say and retweet,” Garcia told the publication. However, she clarified: “I’m fine at the moment.”

“I think my relationship with her has always been pretty volatile,” she continued. “I don’t regret signing her. I think that’s something that people honestly need to see in order to not feel alone. My DMs have been crazy with people saying, ‘I cried watching that scene because this is my relationship with my parents,’ and I think for that reason alone I definitely don’t regret it.”

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Monica Garcia’s mother Linda tweeted about her portrayal on the show, saying her daughter “did her dirty”

Garcia’s mother Linda spoke out after she was criticized by fans for her behavior towards her daughter on the show. On October 18, she tweeted that Garcia had “begged” her to be on RHOSLC with her. “I didn’t want to do it,” Linda shared.

She wrote that her daughter “did me dirty” and that she would never try to compete with her daughter for the spotlight. “I’m too smart to fight Monica, she’d chew me up and spit me out,” she wrote.

The RHOSLC star’s mother disputed her daughter’s claims on the show that she abandoned her as a child, writing on X that she “always put her needs ahead of my own.”

The first few episodes of RHOSLC season 4 focused on Monica Garcia’s relationship with her mother

Garcia and her mother’s relationship was examined in the 7th episode. In the episode released on October 17, Garcia, her children and her mother attended Angie Katsanevas’ Easter party. Katsanevas confronted Garcia about rumors Garcia had heard about her husband. Garcia defended her decision to spread the rumor, explaining that she informed her about it as a friend.

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As their argument escalated, Linda repeatedly asked Garcia to go to the bathroom with her and calm down. Garcia lashed out and told her mother not to get involved, especially if she wouldn’t support her. Finally, Linda apologized to the other guests on her daughter’s behalf and the RHOSLC star left the party with her children.

In the following episode, the two women met for a tense dinner when Garcia told her mother that she didn’t have her back. “You don’t know the half of it, nothing, but you immediately took their side,” Garcia said. “I don’t have what it takes to apologize for my child to someone I’ve never met before.” Linda told her daughter she was being disrespectful and as their conversation escalated, she interrupted her daughter and said: “Let me fucking talk.”

Garcia told her mother how she felt abandoned as a child, recalling an incident when she had to hide in the back seat while her mother made out with a man. The episode ended without much agreement between the two women. In episode 9, Garcia spoke to some of her co-stars about her troubled relationship with her mother.

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However, Lisa Barlow expressed skepticism about Garcia’s story, saying she thought it was a convenient excuse for her behavior. Barlow and Garcia eventually got into an argument over Barlow’s comments that Garcia had been inappropriate with her mother.

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