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It’s starting to look like Christmas in the Gorga House.

In November 2023, “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Melissa Gorga showed off some of the lavish Christmas decorations at her custom-built mansion in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.

The Envy boutique owner also asked her fans their thoughts on the timing of her Christmas decorations less than two weeks after Halloween.

Here’s what you need to know:

Melissa Gorga shared a look at her decorated fireplace

In an Instagram story, Gorga shared a look at how she decorated her Christmas tree in early November. “[Too] early?” she captioned a picture.

In a separate video posted to her main Instagram page on November 9, 2023, Gorga took a look at the modern stone fireplace and built-ins in her living room. There were glittering deer and Christmas tree figurines on the fireplace. Five tan and gold Christmas stockings labeled “Joe, Melissa, Antonia, Gino and Joey” hung from the mantel. Additionally, two small lighted trees populated the fireplace while a glitter filter illuminated the video.

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“I DID IT. 🦌❄️ #jesusbirthday #christmas #decor,” Gorga captioned the video of her Christmas decorations.

Many fans responded by saying how beautiful the facility was. But others said it was far too early to deck the halls.

“Wow, she just missed an entire holiday 😂,” one commenter wrote.

“I can’t celebrate Thanksgiving with Christmas stuff. Looks good though,” another added.

“Looks so good, but I can’t do it! Turkey rules 🦃🤣,” chimed in a third.

“Too early. I would take it down before Christmas,” another commenter wrote.

Others defended Gorga’s early decoration.

“I’m just confused as to why random people care when other people decorate their house? #paymymortgage?” wrote one follower.

“Let people decorate when they want 🙄🙄,” another agreed.

Melissa Gorga is also decked out for the holidays in early 2022

This will be the Gorgas’ second Christmas in their new home. In 2022, less than two weeks after they moved into their dream home, Gorga had it decorated with Christmas decorations.

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At the time, she shared photos of a lavishly decorated Christmas tree and asked fans: “How did I do?!”

She also posted photos of tons of outdoor lamps draped over the house and trees in the yard. Of course, Gorga didn’t climb a ladder to decorate the outside of the house with lights. Instead, KED Holiday Lighting posted on Instagram to take credit for the stunning display.

“If the queen of reality TV wants Christmas lights…let’s light them!!! Thank you @melissagorga and @joeygorga for your kind customers and the invitation to make your home shine for the 2022 holiday season!!!!” came a caption to photos of the decorated Gorga home.

Gorga got an early start to the holidays last year in another way. A few days before Thanksgiving 2022, she published photos from an evening in Manhattan with her husband Joe and their daughter Antonia.

“This year I’m all about starting the holidays early and making memories with my wonderful family❤️,” Gorga captioned the post. “A Broadway show and dinner with our little girl.”

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