This distinctive stitching complements one of the most striking features of the coupe concept: the Viola Red paint. This, Mazda says, is part of its mission to continue to “love the color red.” The result is “a bright color, where it creates a shadow that reflects the shape of the car,” he concludes.

Where, however, what departs from the Iconic SP in terms of production is still unknown. Mazda says the coupe concept was designed with sporty driving in mind – there’s a perfect 50:50 split, for example, and a low center of gravity – but they’ve also clearly thought about how useful the car can be beyond just the roads. . The drivetrain, for example, can be used as a portable generator to survive a power outage in a home or campfire, for example.

Chris Davies / SlashGear

Whether this is the plan for the next-generation Miata, or other sports cars, one thing is clear. The electrification process does not have to be satisfied with a single type of large battery for large electric motors, and there are several ways to create a compact and green car.

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