The Notte’s exterior will no doubt draw more attention from onlookers, however, as it sports a “glossy black shade” that transforms into a “magnetic matte ‘nero essenza’ hue,” says Maserati in a press release. The sleek black body sits atop 20-inch alloy wheels in a combination of “white gold” and black colors in a matte finish.

Maserati design director Klaus Busse said as part of the automaker’s announcement, “The MC20 Notte celebrates the thrill of racing and the allure of the night, combining the best of Italian performance and elegance with a touch of the mystery of the night world.” He also teases future updates that are rarely available anymore, noting that in Notte’s case, the book is “dedicated to the classic car collectors and enthusiasts.”


Where does Beckham fit into all of this? The famous ex-footballer is now the brand ambassador for Maserati, who teamed him up with Bertolini for what the producer calls “a fascinating short film.”

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