Like heatstroke, this is difficult to diagnose. If your laptop is experiencing problems such as sudden Wi-Fi or Bluetooth disconnection or wireless peripherals not working due to poor connectivity, it could be due to a software problem, driver misconfiguration, or internal network adapter power issue.

You may also notice that your laptop is not visible on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth scanners from other computers. To find the error, you can try troubleshooting methods such as getting the latest OS update or reinstalling the network adapter from the troubleshooting dashboard. To be sure, try the airplane mode on/off mode and restart the machine. If nothing works, there is a high chance that the network adapter hardware is faulty.

Since network devices such as Wi-Fi adapters connect directly to the board, any mechanical damage, oil damage, or electrical disturbances will obviously prevent its operation. In such cases, the only option left is to install a new adapter, preferably a first-party replacement, from an authorized source. If you’re lucky and it’s just a cable issue, it can be fixed without replacing the entire unit.

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