The ABV was first prototyped since 2002, before it was completed in 2008. It was built from the decommissioning hull of the M1 Abrams tank, the design of the vehicle is rather ingenious in its simplicity. By swapping the usual turret on the tank for a spider-like weapon – the so-called “Full-Width Mine Plow” – the vehicle can hit the battlefield, digging into the ground as it goes.

When the soil is pushed aside, any mines buried inside are pushed away from the ABV line, ensuring a safe passage for the soldiers and vehicles following them. In the event that any mines detonate, the ABV’s explosive devices can absorb the blast, keeping the pilot safe.

In addition to the mine plow, the ABV had a number of revolutionary tools. If the pilot wants to clear a long section quickly, a Line Charge Launcher can be attached to the rear of the vehicle, firing a line of high-powered explosives to detonate potential mines directly.

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The traditional Dozer Blade can also be replaced with a mine plow, allowing the ABV to dig trenches with artillery, push through enemy barricades, and clear anti-tank trenches.

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