With Lucid Motors adopting NACS, the charging station comes very close to being the de facto EV connector in North America. Earlier this year, SAE International – the organization of engineers that specifies standards in the aerospace, defense, medical, and automotive industries – announced its NACS support for CCS as a standard for EV charging. Major car companies such as Ford, GM, and Subaru have also pledged to take the plug. As more and more vehicles rely on NACS, this creates the opportunity to invest in more car wash stations across the country. It also makes it a very reliable standard that can’t die, which can happen to CCS as NACS grows.

This is all good news for Tesla, which has developed its own NACS for its EVs, saying that its simple design makes it a good plug for washing. Creating a plug-in for all cars seems to be paying off as a smart business venture, considering even Tesla’s competitors – like Lucid Motors – are now taking its plug. Lucid Motors isn’t painting the transition as a victory for Tesla, however, but rather as a victory for the entire EV industry. “We believe that one level of competition,” said Mr. Rawlinson, “supported by the release of additional power plants planned for the future, will be an important step in empowering American consumers to adopt electric vehicles.”

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