In the review, 48 out of 52 buyers rated the device five out of five stars, two gave it four stars and two gave it three. Most of the reviewers felt that the kit was an important learning tool for automotive mechanics or anyone interested in learning more about how automotive engines work.

John Elegant of Portland attested to the accuracy of the kit, writing, “I used this building as a training unit for building my own 2023 LT6 engine at the Corvette factory. The valves go up and down, the crank and camshafts all turn as they should.”

Nicholas M also confirmed that the kit was a faithful recreation of a real V8 engine, writing “The pictures represent the V8 perfectly. The parts look very high quality. Having built real V8s myself, I can confirm that this model is an accurate representation. . This is a great learning tool for the subject.” of tools that are growing or better discussed.”

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