Akshay Kumar Illuminated The Dark Side Of Social Media Being A Business, Revealing People Earn Lakhs For “Writing, Saying Or Opposing Something” Even If They Feel Different (Image Credit: Instagram)

Akshay Kumar has made a name for himself not only in India but also across the world as an actor who has also produced musicals and comedies. The actor – who also became an Indian citizen in August this year, was recently asked about the consequences of children using social media for an inordinate amount of time.

A video is now circulating on Reddit in which Kumar answers this question while also talking about the dark side of social media and the current state of business. Read on to find out all he had to say.

In a few excerpts from Akshay Kumar’s interview with PTI earlier this month, we see Akki talking about how small children should limit their screen time for peace of mind. The ‘Mission Raniganj’ actor said, “Social media ek bahut bada jariya ho gaya hai jaha paise bhi milte hai. Most people don’t mean what they say but just to start a conversation and get more likes… Just for writing something, saying something, arguing against something. Now it has become a business.”

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Akshay Kumar continued, “Joh trend hota hai, it’s not how people feel… People feel differently. It’s better to live your life and work and not follow what’s written on TV. Yes, some people say that honestly.” The ‘OMG 2’ actor added, “There are two types of people who mean what they say other people are doing because they are doing business.” Watch the clip here:

Akshay on social media hate.
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Referring to the video, a Reddit user wrote, “Akshay answered as an engg student. Pick a key word for the question and write everything you know about it even if the question is looking for something.”

Another added, “He is telling the truth.” Social media destroys peace of mind, so it is better not to think too much.”

A third said, “Kya ye business nhi krta social media parr??.. Ye podcast bhi ek tarah ka business hai”

What do you think about Akshay Kumar’s views on social media and the children who spend uncontrollable time on it?

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