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Estranged spouses Lisa and Lenny Hochstein have separated and are now both in relationships with other people, but their divorce is far from final, the Real Housewives of Miami star revealed.

Lisa Hochstein gave Us Weekly an update on her divorce proceedings during BravoCon 2023 and took the opportunity to blast her ex. “I have such great friends around me,” she revealed. “I have a great family around me and my great friend Jody [Glidden] around me, so that’s very helpful. Otherwise I probably would have crawled into a hole and just stayed there.”

Hochstein said she was “doing great” even though she was “dealing with this crazy person, a tyrant,” alluding to Dr. Lenny Hochstein. The plastic surgeon filed for divorce from the RHOM star in May 2022 and the two have been embroiled in a bitter and public feud ever since.

Lisa Hochstein is now dating entrepreneur Glidden, who made his RHOM debut during the season six premiere. Lenny Hochstein is engaged to Katharina Mazepa, with whom he went public the same month he separated from his wife.

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Lisa Hochstein said the court process was stressful and shared the impact it has had on her children

Lisa Hochstein spoke about the stressful divorce process and its impact on her family. She confirmed that the former couple is not yet officially divorced. “Every day there’s a new motion or something with a lawyer, he just doesn’t want to stop,” she told the publication. “So, it just causes a lot of stress for me.”

“There are a lot of things we haven’t figured out yet, and that’s discouraging,” she continued. “It’s just every day. It takes up so much of my time when I could be doing other things and working towards a healthier, better life, and unfortunately instead I’m still struggling with it.”

The estranged couple have two children, eight-year-old son Logan and four-year-old daughter Elle. “My little girl, she’s only 4 so she really doesn’t know any better. “She’s been doing it since she was two years old,” Lisa Hochstein explained. “Logan is 8 now and has been doing this since he was 6. So he has a better understanding of it – it’s a little more difficult for him. In this regard, we both do our best to make him his best.”

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Lisa Hochstein and her friend Jody Glidden are launching a new platform to help people going through their divorce

On Season 6 of RHOM, which premiered November 1, Lisa Hochstein introduced viewers to her new love, Glidden. Glidden, an entrepreneur and Canadian native, showed his support for the RHOM star when she appeared in court during filming.

During BravoCon 2023, Lisa Hochstein announced that the new couple decided to take a big step in their relationship and founded Splitwell together. The platform is designed to help others “get through these really difficult times and try to save costs in their divorce,” she said, according to Bravo TV’s The Daily Dish. “It’s almost like a calling. It’s something I’m supposed to do on this earth to help other people.”

As an entrepreneur, Glidden already has a lot of experience in developing software. He founded Introhive, a successful AI-powered platform that helps companies increase their sales.

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