When ‘Harry Potter’ Daniel Radcliffe Breaks His Silence On His Kiss With ‘Ginny Weasley’ Bonnie Wright In The Movie (Photo Credit – Facebook; IMDb)

Harry Potter is one of the most popular fantasy novels in the world. Every 90’s kid still loves the franchise, even after so many years. Not only that many of the actors, from Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson to Bonnie Wright, fostered a special bond as they grew up together on screen.

However, it comes with some challenges for actors. Emma and Rupert Grint, have been very open about the challenges and unexpected challenges of filming certain scenes, especially kissing scenes. However, they weren’t the only family that felt this way.

Daniel Radcliffe, also faced a similar situation when he had to kiss his love, Ginny Weasley, portrayed by Bonnie Wright in the franchise. In an interview with Access Hollywood, the Harry Potter star opened up about it and called it “amazing”.

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Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe shared, “The kiss was… good,” before adding, “It was weird at first.” He went on to explain that, although he had filmed kissing scenes before, there was an incredible joy associated with kissing someone he had known since childhood.

“It was one of those things that was weird at first because I’ve known Bonnie since she was 9, and I was 11,” he said. However, after taking a few moments, he decided to continue with the activities. Interestingly, he was not the only one who had these thoughts, as his co-star, Bonnie Wright, expressed the same opinion in various interviews.

In the book series, Harry and Ginny’s first kiss happened in the sixth chapter of Harry Potter. On the other hand, Bonnie Wright got this development from her friends who read books faster than her. He revealed that it was strange, because he had to take the picture with someone who was “a friend and almost like a brother” to him.

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Speaking to Seventeen, Bonnie said, “It’s amazing! We’ve known each other for a long time. It was amazing – to look at someone in a different way.” However, the actress shared that she felt better the day she had to take the picture and “just went.”

He explained that he tried to approach it like any other photo shoot he had to do. Wright said he had to go through about 30 to get the picture right, taking two days of filming. “And obviously, a lot of it happens on the spot as well. It was probably like 30 takes!” he said.

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