Next in line is the 14th Gen Core i7, which gets a multi-generational upgrade, with a better balance between price and performance. Intel has eight cores and 12 cores (four more than the previous generation), which allowed it to achieve a maximum clock speed of 5.6GHz. Each middle class gets a speed boost, as well.

The update also shows the benchmark figures, since the Core i7-14900K offers higher performance compared to the 13th gen that was launched earlier, and when it competes with its Core i9 brother. Intel has set a starting price of $409 for the Core i7-14700K processor, while the KF model without built-in graphics will set you back $384.

Finally, we have the i5-14600K, which offers a total of 14 cores (six tasks and eight cores) and 20 threads, while clocking out at a respectable 5.3GHz. This costs $319, while the Core i5-14600KF model has a sticker price of $294. Of course, the final price you pay may depend on availability and market availability.

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Intel’s new offering is compatible with Series 600 and 700 motherboards, which is a welcome step back. The connections of Intel’s 14th Gen processors include Wi-Fi 6 and Thunderbolt 4, with the special upgrade of Bluetooth v4.0 coming with Thunderbolt 5 (giving twice the bandwidth to 80 Gbps) and on the table.

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