Overall, there are plenty of reasons to hold off on buying your next laptop if you can avoid it. The Snapdragon X Elite processor can redefine Windows on the ARM platform, similar to how the M1 device redefine Apple computers. But there is a big caveat there.

While Apple went all in on developing ARM, that’s not the case for Windows. Intel and AMD will continue to make processors for computer hardware, including laptops, for a long time to come, so if you’re running a program today that isn’t built specifically for ARM, you might be running it in emulation. a while until it is rebuilt. Programs such as Microsoft’s Office suite and Davinci Resolve (Black Magic Design, Director of Strategy Dave Lebolt was there to announce this) will work naturally, which is good, but the Windows PC world is a large ecosystem with many large companies involved. Qualcomm is a big player, but it’s nowhere near the only game in town.

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That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider a Snapdragon X Elite-run computer. Far from it. The writing is on the wall that ARM will be the way forward, and the Snapdragon X Elite is a huge step in the right direction. So, if you can wait until mid-2024, it should be on your radar.

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