Small home maintenance and cleaning jobs are difficult to tackle … more if you have a major plumbing problem, or a broken appliance. If you’re not very handy or don’t have the patience to watch YouTube videos on how to tackle a home problem, you can hire a professional through an app like Thumbtack, where you can search for experienced people to come over to do it. things like cleaning your house, helping you move around, cutting or removing trees, and other handyman jobs you need to do quickly. You can use the app to compare service prices and chat with the staff directly. To date, Thumbtack is among the top 10 apps on Google Play in the home and home category, and recent reviews have been overwhelmingly positive.

Another similar Android app in the “hire someone to do it for me” space is the popular and highly downloaded TaskRabbit. When you install the app, you can type in the job you need help with, enter your location, and be given a list of “workers” nearby who can help you with your problem. You are free to choose one based on pricing, customer reviews, and your schedule, and you can use the app to chat, pay, and make recommendations to the person you choose. Job applications are not limited to domestic maintenance. They may also include help, which is great if you’re too lazy to clean your laundry pile or assemble your IKEA furniture.

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