The Apple Watch has an extensive menu, and even though Apple tried to make AssistiveTouch intuitive, you may need to repeat several gestures or downloads before you get to what you want. If you use something frequently, you can change your hands to activate it immediately.

Follow these steps to change the AssistiveTouch feature:

  1. Go to Accessibility Settings in the Watch app on your iPhone.

  2. Click Handsfree to open your settings.

  3. Here, you’ll see options that you can change that correspond to each of the four supported hands. In addition, you can assign these hands to shortcuts, it just needs to be installed in the Shortcuts app for iOS separately.

Apart from changing the assigned shortcut, you can also change the sensitivity and speed of the Motion Pointer (the part that allows you to move the pointer by tilting the Watch). You can also change the color of AssistiveTouch on the top of your Watch, which will help it look better, especially outdoors. Finally, you can change the Scanning style to Auto instead of Manual Scanning, which will automatically move the cursor to the most important items on the screen instead of going through a sequence where you have to manually repeat the steps to get to what you want.

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