When you’re done solving problems, it’s time to check out. Doing this will return your phone to the way it always works. Restarting your phone is usually the fastest way to get out of safe mode.

Exit safe mode on Samsung Method 1:

1. Press and hold the power button.

2. Select “Restart.”

3. Confirm by tapping “Restart” again to restart your phone.

4. Safe Mode will be disabled.

Exit the safe mode on Samsung method 2:

1. Swipe down to open the notification panel.

2. Click the “Safe mode is on” notification.

3. Select “Disable” to disable Safe login.

3. Safe Mode will be disabled, and your device will restart.

Exit safe mode on Google Pixel:

1. Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously for a few seconds.

2. Select “Restart” from the options that appear.

When you exit safe mode, all third-party apps you use will work again, and you can continue using your device as usual. This is a good time to deal with any problems you have found in a safe environment.

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