There are many reasons why you should delete your Temu account and stop using the platform. For one thing, Temu says it’s targeting users on the in-app browser. Spyware not only monitors the user’s activity, but also records important information (such as banking information, addresses, Social Security numbers). Several users reported that they discovered fraud on their bank accounts after using Temu, leading them to believe that the company had sold their personal information.

Additionally, according to WIRED, some of Temu’s listings are simply copies made from Amazon retail stores, mostly without the permission or knowledge of the store owners. This, in addition to the fact that Temu’s prices are much lower than Amazon’s, suggests that consumers can be bought instead of buying the original. The Better Business Bureau reports also cite the worst experiences customers have had with Temu’s refund department, with complaints ranging from delays to outright denials.

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It is also worth noting that those associated with Temu and its advertisements are questionable. Some of the more common scams include fake ads for celebrities and Temu promoters, offering mobile game skins and free money to anyone who signs up, and sending cheap celebrity photos to those who use a referral code.

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