The way to view your mobile data usage will vary depending on the smartphone you are using. The Settings app on an Android phone will look different depending on whether it’s running Android or a custom skin like Samsung’s One UI or OnePlus’ OxygenOS. However, the form is very similar, even if it is written differently. Here’s how to access mobile data usage preferences on your Android device:

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Click Connections or Network & Internet.

  3. Click Data Usage.

  4. Click to use Mobile data.

On some phones, you may need to tap the SIM you are using or go to the Mobile Network section and select your SIM to see your data usage plan. If you can’t find these settings using the methods above, type “Data usage” in the search bar of the Settings app.

When using a mobile phone, you will see the amount of data used per month at the top. You can change the time period using the drop-down menu to view data usage over a period of time. You will also see the data consumed by each app on your phone. If you want to reduce the amount of data used by a particular application, click “Data Saver” and turn it on. This stops Android apps from using background data and reduces the amount of data they can use. You can also choose to be exempted, such as messages and email programs, to prevent notifications from being delayed.

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