If you’re not looking to get fancy with your air conditioner, then you can make a quick one with wooden clothes and a bottle of your favorite essential oil, plus a resealable sandwich baggie to store everything. You can make them in bulk so you have a few around or give them to friends.

  1. Place a decorative dresser on the work area.

  2. Place five small drops of essential oil on the garment, preferably near the closed part.

  3. Place the dressing in a sealed sandwich baggie and seal to seal in the flavor.

  4. Pack as many clothes as you want that will fit in the same baggie.

To use these new spinners, simply take one out of the bag and plug it into one of the AC outlets on your car’s dashboard. Every time you turn on the AC or heat, the circulating air picks up the scent of essential oils from the clothes and circulates throughout the car. Whenever the smell is gone, put a few drops of essential oil on the same cloth, and you can use it again. It’s cheap and affordable!

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One word of caution: essential oils can be quite heavy, so make sure you use at least five drops when preparing your clothes. If you pre-soak the garment in oil, the smell will quickly go from pleasant to gag-inducing, so it’s less likely.

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