There are many benefits to be gained by simply opting for an achromatic iPhone screen, even if it’s only for a short time. For starters, it can reduce eye strain that can result from non-stop phone use. If you often view content on your iPhone in very bright light, grayscale can be a relief.

Likewise, using black and white color filters during work will help you spend less time browsing your device and focus more on more pressing tasks. Compared to the iPhone’s screen which is usually plain and bright, keeping it colorless takes away the lingering attention.

Finally, another important feature of keeping your iPhone screen free is that it allows you to look at your screen at night – which many people no doubt do – without affecting your sleep too much. Similar to Android’s Bedtime mode that does the same thing, turning your iPhone’s screen black and white emits the blue light associated with constant phone use, which also reduces stimulation and alertness and allows your brain to turn off for sleep at night. .

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