If you’ve tried everything else but are still struggling to keep your Chromecast from running out of storage space, you may want to take a more advanced approach, such as adding external storage. To connect your Chromecast to external storage, you need to find a place that has a power supply port.

Because Chromecast devices are designed to meet their specific needs, they may not be able to support other USB-C devices. If you choose the wrong USB-C, you may receive a low-power notification, so you may need to do some trial-and-error. To avoid this, Google recommends a USB-C charger that can deliver 1.5 A/7.5 W or more.

Next, you can connect a portable storage device, like a USB stick or SD card. You can use a portable storage device as long as it has a USB 2.0 or higher transfer speed. To be safe, you can choose a device with USB 3.0 transfer speed.

When your USB storage device is connected, you will receive a notification to change it. With this, it is better to make sure you do not have important data, such as photos or documents, inside the storage of your device before you start.

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Unfortunately, if you’re big on decor and wire management, this solution may keep you up at night with how it looks.

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