Before we start, remember that these instructions are based on the latest versions of iOS, so if you’re using older apps, it’s best to update your iPhone first.

  1. Open the Files app.

  2. If you’re looking for a new download, there’s a good chance it’s listed under the Latest tab — scroll down or use the search bar to find the file. If it’s an old download, click the Browse tab below, then look for the file in any of these three folders: iCloud Drive, On My iPhone, or Downloads. To shorten the search time, check Settings > Safari > Downloads to see which of the three locations your downloaded files go to. You can also type the name of the file partially or completely in the search bar.

  3. When you find what you’re looking for, click to view. Depending on the file, you can choose to open and save it in a program designed for the file type. For images saved as files, click to open them, then click the Share icon (bottom left) and “Save Image.” Now, you will find the image in your Photos app.

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For PDF files or other documents, click the Share icon, then scroll down to select the Books app to open the file with.

Music files downloaded from the Internet are automatically opened in the Files app, but if you’ve downloaded any songs from Apple Music, you’ll find them in the Downloads section of the streaming app’s home screen.

If you’re looking for downloaded files to delete and free up space, here are some ways to free up storage space on your iPhone.

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