Of course, not all websites and platforms are created equal. Sometimes, you may come across a website – like SlashGear – that doesn’t have a clear search function. While not having a built-in search engine means you can’t generate a search link by visiting the site, there are some workarounds. Here’s how:

  1. Open a new tab on Google Chrome.
  2. Type “page:” followed by the page you want to search and the words you want to see. For example, to create your own SlashGear search using “Chrome” as a keyword, type “site:slashgear.com chrome” in the Omnibox of the new tab.
  3. Follow the steps 4-9 that we have already explained how to add a shortcut to a website search.
  4. When you get to the “URL with %s instead of question mark” field, type in the following URL generated by your SlashGear browser and paste the entire URL. Replace the keyword with “%s.”
  5. Click Add to finish.

Once the shortcut is created, you can quickly browse articles on SlashGear on Chrome by simply typing “slashgear,” hitting Tab or the spacebar on your keyboard, typing in your search term, and hitting enter.

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