Now that you know your iPad’s battery life, let’s talk about what it means, and if you should take any action.

Let’s say you bought an iPad last year; I hope the battery health is hovering around 95%. If it is two years old, the number should be between 90% and 85%, and that is fine.

However, if the health of the battery drops significantly to 90% or, say, 85% in a few months after you bought the device, you should contact Apple and ask them to see if there is a problem with your iPad, and if it is needed. battery changer.

As usual, you should not charge your iPad with other chargers, which can damage the battery. Apple also encourages users to upgrade their iPads to the latest version of iPadOS and enable auto brightness. To increase battery life, users can also activate the low power mode.

That’s about it. Now you know how to check your iPad’s battery health, how to interpret it, and what you can do to save battery.

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