TEMU offers consistent and transparent shipping on almost all of its products. Standard shipping is free on all orders unless otherwise stated, while expedited shipping has a flat rate of $12.90 on all orders under $129.00. If your order value is over $129.00, you can also get free shipping.

According to Temu’s shipping guide, all orders sent to their warehouse may take 1 to 3 days to be fulfilled. Once the order is processed, it is sent via international channels, the speed of which depends on the route you choose. For regular shipping, this can take anywhere from 6 to 20 days. For expedited shipping, the amount is reduced to 4 to 9 days. In the shortest possible time, you’re looking at a total of 23 days of processing and shipping.

Once your order is shipped, it will be shipped to you by your local postal carrier. Actual shipping speed will be estimated after shipping, but may be affected by various factors, including flight schedule, weather, and local delivery issues. TEMU will provide you with a tracking number after shipping to help you track it, but they cannot estimate delivery times until then.

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