An electric bicycle is usually a regular bicycle with a built-in electric motor and a battery mounted without pedals. Electric bikes can still function like a non-electric bike, but the battery and motor can help the rider achieve a zero-emission, pedal-free ride.

In contrast, an electric motorcycle is more expensive and has a larger frame than an electric bicycle. It is close to a normal gas-powered motorcycle, without an engine and gearbox. Basically, it has a battery and an electric motor like an electric bike, but it has bigger components that provide more power and speed.

Electric bikes usually have a top speed of about 30 mph, while e-motor bikes can hit triple-digit speeds like their gasoline counterparts. The Zero SR/F and SR/S have a top speed of 124 mph, while others like the Energica Ego + RS and Damon HyperSport Premier can reach 150 and 200 mph, respectively. Electric motorcycles also have larger batteries that provide more electricity than an electric bike.

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In addition, e-bikes are lighter than electric motorcycles, typically require less maintenance, and are easier to maintain. Electric bikes are for casual riders, fitness enthusiasts, exercisers, and short trips. On the other hand, an electric motorcycle is suitable for riding at high speeds over long distances.

Finally, e-bikes are relatively inexpensive and cost anywhere from $1,500 to $2,500, while motorcycles start at around $7,000-$30,000, with some of the more efficient ones going up to $100,000. In addition, unlike electric motorcycles, many states classify electric bicycles as ordinary bicycles and do not require a license to operate them.

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