Obviously, if you’re planning to go on a short, self-camping trip on a dry, desert-like trail, it doesn’t make sense to bring a LifeStraw water filter. After all, you don’t expect to be near water to filter. In these cases, you’ll just want to bring a regular reusable bottle instead.

But if you’re going camping in a campground with running water, it makes sense to carry a LifeStraw. With the LifeStraw Go Series bottle ($49.95), you can collect water from the river or lake instead of bending over and drinking directly. That said, you may not like the cost of replacing the microfilter ($24.95) or the inability to transfer the filtered water to your portable coffee maker.

While LifeStraw bottles or Go Series bottles are great for single use, they don’t allow you to store filtered water for later use. Plus, if you’re camping with a pet or multiple people, the LifeStraw Flex with Gravity Bag ($54.95), which lets you fill your pet’s water bottles or bowls, might be a better fit.

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If you are camping in a luxury vehicle or with a large group, you may also want to consider stronger filtration systems that can handle higher volumes. Although, for short trips, the LifeStraw Gravity Selter with Virus Removal ($189.95) may be a sufficient solution.

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