When using power cables, you must always plug them in and out of the device you want to charge. However, wireless chargers can be set up, connected to your device, and just leave the place when you’re ready to go. So, how far is the wireless charger? It all depends on the medium.

Wireless chargers are divided into two categories: near-field and remote. The name comes from the electromagnetic field near the wireless transmitter, which is called the antenna. If the antenna emits a medium that weakens with distance, then the recorder is considered a local device. If the distance has less power at a given power, then the device is considered remote.

However, since each medium vibrates at a different frequency, that is close” and “very variable from charger to charger. In general, if the receiver can be placed more than one length away from the antenna, then the receiver is considered remote. Otherwise, it’s near-field.

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Devices that use or convert waves into magnetic or electrical currents often fall into the nearby category. Currently, wireless chargers that use microwaves, radio waves, lasers, and even plasma are considered remote devices. This includes many wireless charging devices that are out there, but some devices, such as resonant chargers, do not fall into the above categories. These devices don’t work well in the field near or far, making them the only, for lack of a better term, wireless chargers in the middle.

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