The car you see driving in the 1980s will be closer to Pizza Planet Toyota than “Back to the Future.” Although Toyota four-wheel drive vehicles were available and were supplied from the factory with independent suspension, they were really for more than just bouncing around the dunes. The four-banger’s horsepower was a measly 97. Toyota eventually offered a turbocharger that boosted the power to 135 horsepower, but it wasn’t a ton compared to the current car or the off-roader.

Unless you lived in Marty McFly’s fictional town of Hill Valley in 1985, the Toyota truck you saw driving around town probably didn’t have any kind of sport. The person driving the truck may be able to help you fix your drains, but the remote machine, not so much.

However, even though the car was slow, boring, and boring, it wasn’t a bad car by any means and played a big role in strengthening Toyota’s car offering in the United States. Without the car’s popularity, Toyota probably wouldn’t have spent the time, effort, and money to make the future Tacoma into the work-and-play machine it is today.

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