The ability to create AI-generated playlists in the YouTube Music app is being tested on a small group of users in the US Here’s how the whole project works:

1. Open the YouTube music app and open any playlist that you have painstakingly curated. Currently, the program randomly selects the album art of four songs and creates a list image that is a 2×2 grid of album art.

2. Click on the edit button (pencil icon) under the playlist cover, and click the pink edit icon on the next page.

3. You will now see a scrolling panel of categories such as shape, environment, and animal.

4. Select the category of the image you want to create, and on the next page, choose from several options on the tree.

5. Once you are down to the last version, click on the section below the text below. Doing so suggests alternative methods of discussion wherever appropriate. For example, a dog can be replaced by a cat, and a Gothic painting can be replaced with a Pop Art painting.

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6. Select the color you like and click the pink button below.

7. When you know the custom playlist image, hit the Save button, and you’re good to go.

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