Oasis Campervans from Colorado can convert many types of minivans into camper vans that you can take on the road. With what they call a “Classic Conversion,” you get a living room, a kitchen that you can reach in the back of the van, and big cushions you can make a long bed that sleeps two.

There are also tall cabinets for extra storage, an interior dining table, vinyl flooring, and canvas curtains for privacy. There are many other options, such as a power station, refrigerator/freezer, solar panels, etc., but you will need to pay extra for those things. You can order a few of them, and Oasis Campervans will install them for you, or you can order a “Classic Deluxe” to have them all as one package.

This is a great option for people on a budget because you can combine the tools and equipment you need instead of going all in. The Classic Conversion costs $11,290, but you’ll probably want a power and cooling system if you have one. it will take longer, so expect to pay a few thousand more.

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