Google has added what it calls “new locations” to Google Search. Searching for store deals now brings up a list of popular discounts in popular holiday gift categories like cell phones, clothing, laptops, TVs, and audio equipment. If you are looking for something specific, you can search the shop [specific product or product category] he digs deep.

Instead, the new system digs deeper. Searching for “video games,” for example, doesn’t bring up actual retail prices, but popular games in stores that offer blanket discounts — like QVC offering $20 off purchases of $40 or more to new customers.

In Chrome, Google has added “Price Insights,” a feature that was already available in search. When you view a product page in Chrome, a “Price Insights” button will now appear in the address bar, showing you the product’s 90-day price history.

Additionally, Google has added pricing information to both desktop and mobile versions of Chrome. On desktop, bookmarking a product page now includes asking if you want to be emailed “if the price drops on any page,” while on mobile, clicking the bell icon next to the product name will give you access. email and/or push notifications along the same lines.

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Finally, clicking the new discount symbol in the web address will bring up the coupons for the site you’re searching for, if any. Helpful tools for any holiday shopper looking to save money.

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