First shown at Google I/O 2023, one of the most exciting new features of Google Maps is Immersive View, which offers a multi-dimensional, life-like view of the place. This uses AI to combine billions of Street View and aerial images together to create a rich digital version of the world.

Users can pan, zoom, and tilt around the Immersive View to see buildings, businesses, and other landmarks from different perspectives. They can also change the weather and time of day to get a better idea of ​​what the area will look like when they visit. Immersive View can be useful for exploring unknown places and helping users explore the center of a new city to find the best tourist attractions, research potential restaurants before making a reservation, or navigate a difficult street.

In addition to Immersive View, Google Maps has added Lens integration, which brings Google’s powerful image recognition capabilities to the Maps app. With Lenses, users can look at specific objects such as signs, menus, and symbols to learn more about them. For example, a user can look at a new restaurant’s sign to see reviews and photos, or look at the menu to find out more about the menu and see what other people are ordering.

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Like Immersive View, combining Lenses and Maps can be useful for travelers. It can help them overcome language barriers, learn local customs, and benefit from their experiences.

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