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While Broadway actress and rising Hallmark star Ginna Claire Mason was in Germany filming a new Christmas movie for the network, she didn’t expect to see familiar faces so far from home. That’s why she was truly amazed when one of Hallmark’s biggest stars, Jonathan Bennett, surprised her on the set of “A Heidelberg Holiday,” premiering November 12, 2023.

But Bennett was just as surprised when he stumbled upon a Hallmark movie set while vacationing with his husband Jaymes Vaughan, whom he married in March 2022, according to People. Ahead of Mason’s film premiere, Bennett shared photos and videos from the “chance” encounter, including her priceless reaction upon seeing him.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jonathan Bennett posts Ginna Claire Mason’s reaction to seeing him in Germany

A video posted by Bennett on Instagram and TikTok hours before the premiere of “A Heidelberg Holiday” showed Mason’s stunned reaction as Bennett approached her and her co-star Zoe Moore as they were at an outdoor market in Heidelberg, Germany, filmed.

When Mason saw Bennett, her jaw dropped as she screamed, “Oh my God! You are here? How are you here?”

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Mason then hugged Bennett tightly, almost tearfully, before repeatedly asking him and Vaughan what they were doing there.

Bennett then poked his head into the shot and quipped, “If you happen to be in Germany and meet your good friend making a movie!”

He also wrote of the video: “Reaction is everything.”

Bennett also posted a photo of him and Mason on Instagram, sharing a little more about their surprise reunion.

He wrote: “Most random day of my life! I walked through Heidelberg with @jaymesv and saw people making a film. I said, ‘Oh, this looks like a @hallmarkchannel movie.'”

Bennett said he “freaked out” when he turned the corner and saw who was filming.

Next thing you know, I’m the secret Easter egg in “A Heidelberg Holiday” with Jaymes,” he continued. “That’s what’s special about Hallmark Family, moments like this. See if you can spot us tonight at 8 p.m.

After “Chance Encounter,” Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan filmed a cameo in “A Heidelberg Holiday.”

Following the surprise appearance of Bennett and Vaughan, who own a travel company called OUTbound that specializes in “LGBTQ+ vacation adventures,” producers arranged for them to appear in a cameo in the film.

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On November 12, Hallmark Channel gave social media followers a sneak peek of their cameo, in which the couple strolls in the background while Moore and Mason’s characters chat at the outdoor Christmas market.

Bennett, who stars in the Dec. 9 premiere of “Christmas on Cherry Lane,” responded to the post saying, “It was the craziest thing in the world to go there and see how in Germany where we were, a Hallmark movie is being made.” . I’m really excited to do this.”

Vaughan, who met Bennett while he was working as an entertainment reporter, also responded to Hallmark’s post.

He wrote: “This was honestly the funniest experience! I turn a corner in Heidelberg and literally run into @ginnaclaire in the middle of Hallmark Movie Magic. And then be a part of it! 10/10 experience. I can’t wait to watch tonight.”

According to Hallmark, “A Heidelberg Holiday” is about a woman named Heidi, played by Mason, who “goes to the Heidelberg Christmas market to sell her hand-painted ornaments.” There she falls in love with a local craftsman who helps her find herself again to connect with their lost heritage.”

Mason entered the world of Hallmark films in 2022, starting with her first Christmas film, “A Holiday Spectacular.” But she also recently wrapped up her year-long role as Glinda in “Wicked” on Broadway, one of Bennett’s favorite productions.

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In fact, on Oct. 30, Bennett attended a 20th anniversary celebration for the Broadway musical that Mason attended and said on Instagram that he was “so happy I melted.”

Liv Lane is an entertainment writer who covers Hallmark Channel, HGTV, American Idol and The Voice for Heavy. She has three decades of experience as a local and national radio host, brand publicist and creative consultant, interviewing and working with a wide range of dignitaries and celebrities, from Deepak Chopra to Lil Nas X. Liv is also an accomplished watercolor artist whose intuitive art is practiced throughout the USA and Canada sold. Liv attended the University of Minnesota and lives in Minneapolis. More about Liv Lane

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