Toyota and its flagship brand Lexus will use NACS with its battery electric vehicles (BEV) from 2025 – although which models will be available by then is not known. The car company said that buyers can expect NACS ports to be included on the “Toyota electric three-wheel drive SUV” set to be built in Kentucky. The NACS adapter for existing BEVs will be available to owners from 2025, too.

This is the latest addition to the growing list of automakers that are all in on Tesla’s brand of marketing. GM, Ford, Nissan, and Honda are some of those names, as are Mercedes, Rivian, and Polestar. With this announcement, all eyes are on Stellantis, who until now has dug in his heels and resisted peer pressure, saying that in mid-June he was not ready to commit to Tesla – even though he had already said that. he was “examining” the possibility of a ride.

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